Biopharmaceutical Clean Room

Biopharmaceutical Modular Cleanroom

Biopharmaceutical Clean Room

Application: ISO Level 6

Size:  20’ x 40’ Recirculating Design

Modular Biopharmaceutical Cleanroom Benefits

Details and Scope of the Clean Room Project

One client came to us with a brand-new building which required an ISO 6 cleanroom system in the core of the operation.  Cleanrooms have a large number of benefits within the laboratory and research fields. Our controlled environments provide the contamination-free work space necessary to perform critical biopharmaceutical work. Modular cleanrooms provide the environmental control that your application needs.

Clean Room Design and Installation

We designed 2 each of  20’ x 20’ controlled environment clean rooms with separate air handling systems to prevent cross-contamination with an ISO 7 Ante-Chamber between each enclosure.  The system we created features smooth FRP wall finishes, hands free automated sliding doors and material inspection pass through chambers.

Upon site visit and further discussions with our client, we discovered we could further support the them by providing ISO 8 hallways around the Modular Cleanroom system (approx. 4,000 sq. Ft.), as well as a drop in a cleanroom grade ceiling in the R & D areas, labs and shipping areas.

Discover More About Our Modular Cleanroom Systems

Cleanrooms by United is a trusted modular cleanroom manufacturer offering a range of flexible solutions. We design and build our modular cleanroom systems in compliance with ISO 16444-1 to meet regulatory requirements. Visit our Clean Room Design Components page for information on all the functional and optional elements that can be added to customize your Cleanroom.  We will work with you on your Cleanroom Classifcation needs to design and build the right clean room for your industrial application.  We also offer full onsite cleanroom installation services. See also our pharmaceutical research laboratories section. 

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