pre-fabricated modular cleanroom

Modular Cleanrooms for Manufacturing

Application:   ISO Level 7 (Class 10,000)

Size: 20’ x 20’ with 8’ x 10’ Gowning Area

Location: Temecula, California

Modular Manufacturing Cleanroom Benefits

  • Minimal disruption to active facility
  • Isolated process from dirty warehouse
  • Easily upgraded system
  • Walls provide thermal barrier

Details and Scope of Work

Our client contacted us to design a system for face shield manufacturing. Previously, the client had experienced a high rejection rate from their process. Too many airborne particles were getting into the lens after they left the vacuum oven and moved to the curing area.

There were some challenges to this project. The environment needed to maintain stringent temperatures while keeping the work environment comfortable for the production staff. To ensure proper mechanical elements were provided, we carefully evaluated the processing equipment.

Cleanrooms by United provided custom steel framed (powder coated) openings to seal against the oven to ensure no outside elements would enter. A wall mount pass through chamber was also included for inspection, so the operator would not have to exit the clean area.

We provided a 4” insulated wall system with a Class “A” fire rated ½” thick gypsum panel with a vinyl covered finish. This provided a thermal barrier and helped reduce noise. We included UL Listed clear anodized aluminum raceways to provide a smooth clean interior surface. This surface housed electrical outlets and telephone/data ports.

Once we completed the design and fabricated the system, Cleanrooms by United sent our factory crew to the jobsite to install the system. Our installation process was quick and didn’t disrupt manufacturing in the surrounding area. Our client has since contracted us to build another cleanroom for them. We look forward to continually supporting their needs and maintenance of the systems.

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Biopharmaceutical Modular Cleanroom

Modular Biopharmaceutical Cleanroom

Application: ISO Level 6

Size:  20’ x 40’ Re-Circulating Design

Modular Biopharmaceutical Cleanroom Benefits

  • Two separate air handling systems
  • Increased support by providing ISO 8 hallways
  • Cross-contamination prevention

Details and Scope of Work

Cleanrooms have a large number of benefits within the laboratory and research fields. Our controlled environments provide the contamination-free work space necessary to perform critical biopharmaceutical work. Modular cleanrooms provide the environmental control that your application needs.

One client came to us with a brand-new building which required an ISO 6 cleanroom system in the core of the operation. We designed 2 each 20’ x 20’ environments with separate air handling systems to prevent cross-contamination with an ISO 7 Ante-Chamber between each enclosure.

The system we created features smooth FRP wall finishes, hands free automated sliding doors and material inspection pass through chambers.

Upon site visit and further discussions with our client, we discovered we could further support the them by providing ISO 8 hallways around the Modular Cleanroom system (approx. 4,000 sq. Ft.), as well as a drop in a cleanroom grade ceiling in the R & D areas, labs and shipping areas.

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Volcano Probe Developed in Cleanroom Environment

Application: ISO Level 7 (Class 10,000)

Location: Pasadena, California

Benefits of Modular Cleanrooms for Scientific Research Industries

  • Contamination-free environment
  • Allows for higher quality and precision of manufacturing parts
  • Easy installation and relocation

Details and Scope of Work

Volcanoes have always been a fascination to the world. They remain a mystery because of the risk involved in exploring them further.

That is why the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California created a probe to send down into a volcano. The JPL robotics reach team developed a robot that could easily reach places where humans could not. In order to fully understand how volcanoes erupt, the team had to utilize cutting edge technologies along with a modular cleanroom to ensure that all parts were manufactured to the highest quality and precision.

Cleanrooms by United was able to manufacture an ISO Level 7 (Class 10,000) cleanroom for the team of scientists in Pasadena for the manufacturing and assembly of the volcano probe.
We provided a clean, controlled environment to ensure no contamination of parts.

The team was awarded a grant of $50,000 from the National Geographic’s Expedition Grant campaign for “great explorer”. The team lead, Parness, had mentioned that they could not have done it without the team they had in place.

To accomplish a technology endeavor, you need several things at your disposal: the first is a team that has the know-how and tenacity of not giving up, and the second is the technology developed in a cleanroom environment which allows the venture to move forward.

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The robot designed to explore volcanoes is pictured here. VolcanoBot 1 has a length of 12 inches and 6.7-inch wheels.  Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

cmm enclosure

Cleanroom Insulated Wall Systems for Contamination Reduction

Application: Contamination-free Modular Cleanroom

Size: Customizable

Benefits of Modular Cleanrooms for Contamination Control

  • Contamination prevention HEPA or ULPA filtration system
  • Customizable to size
  • Environmental parameters control
  • Outside noise reduction

Details and Scope of Work

Cleanrooms are necessary for many industries where small particles can adversely affect the manufacturing or quality of a product. While the enclosures vary in size and complexity, they are typically found in industries such as pharmaceutical, semiconductor, biotech, medical device, and life sciences, as well as critical process manufacturing common in optics, aerospace, automotive, and military facilities.

For clients needing a tightly controlled environment to perform their operations, we design cleanrooms with insulated wall systems that help reduce unwanted particulate from entering. To prevent contamination, cleanrooms utilize a mechanical system and filtration that traps particulates through HEPA or ULPA filters. The cleanrooms also allow extensive control over environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, and pressure.

Our prefabricated cleanrooms reduce facility downtime and onsite debris, which still providing a cost-effective alternative to conventional construction. We refuse to compromise on quality, durability, and efficiency.

To learn more, read more about our contamination preventing cleanrooms or view our modular cleanrooms options. For additional information, contact one of our Cleanroom Specialists.

medical device cleanroom

Medical Device Modular Cleanroom

Application: ISO 7 with ISO 8 Gown Area

Size: Customizable

Benefits of Modular Cleanrooms for Medical Device Manufacturing

  • Separate entry to prevent cross-contamination in each environment
  • Wall mounted material pass-thru chambers with interlock
  • Smooth FRP chemical resistant white wall finish
  • Meets federal standards

Details and Scope of Work

Cleanrooms find many applications within the medical field. If your operation involves the manufacturing of medical devices, our modular cleanrooms provide controlled environments that prevent particle contamination.

For a client, we designed and manufactured two ISO 7 cleanrooms with an ISO 8 gown area. Each cleanroom was equipped with a separate entry to prevent cross-contamination in each environment, as well as a wall-mounted material pass-through chamber with interlock for even further defense against contamination risk.

In the medical field, maintaining sterile, safe environments is imperative. In order to meet the needs of our customers, our cleanrooms are also equipped with smooth FRP chemical resistant white wall finish for easy cleaning.

To learn more, visit our medical device cleanrooms page, or contact us for more information.

environment friendly modular cleanroom

Environmental Benefits of Modular Cleanrooms

Application: Modular Cleanroom

Size: Customizable

“Green” Benefits of Modular Cleanrooms

  • Adaptable to any building or area
  • Life cycle flexibility
  • Minimum materials and waste

Details and Scope of Work

High levels of environmental control have long driven design, purchasing, and operational decisions for cleanrooms. Today, there are many sustainability issues when it comes to modular cleanrooms ranging from energy efficiency to materials use to long-term adaptability.

These issues are also beginning to influence the conversation between those who operate controlled environments and those who design, build, and install them. Controlled environments are inherently energy­ and resource ­intensive, but our modular cleanrooms offer some distinct benefits for those trying to create more sustainable environments.

Cleanrooms are lightweight, cost less to transport, and use less materials compared to permanent structures, reducing their overall energy footprint. They also make it possible to adapt an existing facility to accommodate cleanrooms, keeping owners from overbuilding.

To read more about the environmental benefits of cleanrooms, read the full article here, or contact us for more information.