Aerospace CMM Enclosure Cleanrooms

cmm enclosure

Aerospace CMM Enclosure Cleanrooms

Application: Aerospace CMM Enclosure

Size: 22’ walls

Benefits of Modular Cleanrooms for the Aerospace Industry

  • Stringent temperature and humidity control
  • 22’ High walls to accommodate the Z Axis
  • Provides isolation from outside manufacturing and debris
  • Large roll up door for ease of access
  • Tempered glass windows allow viewing of operation within the enclosure
  • Locking personnel door protects sensitive computers from unauthorized access

Aerospace CMM Enclosures

For several of our clients in the aerospace industry, we have created modular CMM enclosures with 22’ high walls that provide the environmental controls and security features the application requires. We offer tempered glass windows for viewing operations, as well as a locking personnel door for protecting against unauthorized access.

Clean Room Commercial Construction for the Aerospace Industry

Cleanrooms by United has the capability to quickly and effectively create a Modular CMM Enclosure to match your design, budget, space and time frames. We take pride that having a CMM modular enclosure allows our clients to have the dynamic flexibility to make changes and moves, while still recapturing nearly 100% of the initial material investment.

Traditional CMM Enclosure take more time and money to manufacture. Additionally, a traditional construction of a CMM Enclosure would not allow for any recovery of costly building materials.

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Cleanrooms by United is a specialized division of United Partition Systems.  We are a trusted modular building manufacturer offering a wide range of flexible clean room solutions.

  • We design and build our modular cleanroom systems in compliance with ISO 16444-1 to meet regulatory requirements. 
  • Visit our clean room design components page for information on all the functional and optional elements that can be added to customize your aerospace CMM including HVAC system options, lighting, doors and entryways, wall materials, ceiling tiles, electrical, pass through chambers, fire suppression, pressure gauges, UV protective windows, flooring options, roll up doors, guard rails and more.
  • We will work with you on your Cleanroom Classifcation needs to design and build the right clean room for your industrial application.  We also offer full onsite cleanroom installation services. 

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