CMM Enclosure Case Study

Why Use a Modular CMM Enclosure for Aerospace

Cleanrooms by United has the capability to quickly and effectively create a Modular CMM Enclosure to match your budget, space and time frames. We take pride in that having a CMM Enclosure allows our clients to have the dynamic flexibility to make changes and moves while recapturing nearly 100% of the initial material investment. If you were to do a traditional CMM Enclosure, you would be taking more time & money to make the enclosure. Additionally, a traditional construction of a CMM Enclosure would not allow for any recovery of costly building materials.

Application: Aerospace CMM Enclosure


* Stringent temperature and humidity control

* 22’ High walls to accommodate the Z Axis

* Provides isolation from outside manufacturing and debris

* Large roll up door for ease of access

* Tempered glass windows allow viewing of operation within the enclosure

* Locking personnel door protects sensitive computers from unauthorized access

Below is the CMM Enclosure Space Prior to Installation

CMM Enclosure Empty Space


Below is the finished Modular CMM Enclosure for Aerospace

Aerospace CMM Enclosure


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