cmm enclosure

CMM Enclosure Case Study

Application: Aerospace CMM Enclosure


  • Stringent temperature and humidity control
  • 22’ High walls to accommodate the Z Axis
  • Provides isolation from outside manufacturing and debris
  • Large roll up door for ease of access
  • Tempered glass windows allow viewing of operation within the enclosure
  • Locking personnel door protects sensitive computers from unauthorized access

Details and Scope of Work

Why Use a Modular CMM Enclosure for Aerospace?

Cleanrooms by United has the capability to quickly and effectively create a Modular CMM Enclosure to match your budget, space and time frames. We take pride in that having a CMM Enclosure allows our clients to have the dynamic flexibility to make changes and moves while recapturing nearly 100% of the initial material investment. If you were to do a traditional CMM Enclosure, you would be taking more time & money to make the enclosure. Additionally, a traditional construction of a CMM Enclosure would not allow for any recovery of costly building materials.











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