Industries Served

Industries Served

Cleanrooms are controlled environments that prevent dust, airborne organisms, and other particulates from entering to minimize contamination. They are designed for precision and to act in accordance with industry requirements. They are used in a variety of industries that require precise manufacturing and quality control.

Cleanrooms by United has provided our clients with the best quality modular cleanroom systems on the market. As one of the most prominent names in the industry, we have set new standards in modular construction, expandable cleanroom systems, industrial enclosures and process isolation. When it comes to meeting your needs for a clean, safe, energy efficient environment, look to Cleanrooms by United for endless possibilities.

Industries for Modular Cleanrooms

Prefabricated cleanrooms are most closely related with scientific applications, but they are useful for virtually any industry. Some of the industries that utilize modular cleanrooms are:

Professionals in the aerospace industry rely on prefabricated cleanrooms to perform testing, R&D, and Quality Control Labs, as well as manufacture equipment like space-flight lasers. In applications such as these, contamination can compromise the equipment’s operations.
Top-quality cosmetic products require manufacturing facilities that protect against air impurities and other irritants. Contaminants and pollution that is not controlled compromise the integrity of the cosmetic bottling process, creating products that do not live up to the brands they represent.
Military Cleanrooms
The military, as well as other government organizations, use modular clean rooms for many different projects and experiments. They are used to develop new technology to be used by soldiers, new processes to save energy, and more. These experiments and technological developments must occur within a cleanroom to reduce contamination.
Optics Cleanrooms
One of the most important components of a photographer’s equipment are the lenses. They need to be clear and clean to produce the best quality photographs. In order for that to happen, the lenses are typically manufactured in a cleanroom environment to both prevent particulate and to control temperature and humidity.
Cleanrooms are used for the manufacturing of chips and nanochips for electronic devices like computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. When producing such a small technology, even the smallest number of contaminants can be detrimental. Modular cleanroom systems are critical to the manufacturing of such devices.
Cleanrooms are integral in creating & packaging pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. The majority of pharmaceutical process operations involve significant interaction of the cleaners and knowing the GMPs for disinfecting. With products as important as medicine, a controlled environment facilitates a contamination-free manufacturing process.
There are many medical devices that are required to be inserted into the body. Devices like pacemakers need to be manufactured in a cleanroom environment and constantly disinfected to eliminate any bacteria that could be harmful when the device is placed in someone’s body.

Types of Prefabricated Cleanrooms

There are a few different types of modular cleanrooms that are used for a wide variety of industries and applications. These include:

Modular Cleanrooms
Modular cleanrooms are freestanding, controlled environments that can be manufactured to the specific size that you need and can be installed anywhere, even around your already existing equipment. Because they are modular, systems can be installed, modified and even relocated with minimal downtime.
These modular clean rooms are ideal for almost every application, including:
  • Microelectronics
  • Printing Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Gown Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Medical Device Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Dry Rooms

Softwall Cleanrooms & Curtain Dividers
Softwall cleanrooms are a cost-effective method of providing a quality particulate control enclosure. These are usually more portable than hardwall cleanrooms because they are smaller, lightweight, and easy to assemble. The system is designed for fast construction and can be easily disassembled, expanded, or moved around on casters if the need arises.
Cleanrooms by United Softwall cleanroom system provides a wide variety of enclosure solutions for:
  • Dust control
  • Specific ISO classifications
  • Flexible manufacturing enclosures
  • Laser rooms

CMM Rooms
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) rooms are heavily controlled environments that meet specific standards for measurement processes. In a CMM room, factors like temperatures, humidity, ISO classifications, air velocity, and pressurization can be controlled.
Sensitive calibration equipment is well-protected in environmentally-controlled rooms, well insulated for constant temperature levels. Wall surfaces and ceiling systems are available in a variety of non-shedding materials including vinyl, FRP, and aluminum. ESD materials are also available.
Enclosures for CMM and calibration rooms can be built around existing equipment, utilize overhead doors for convenient access to equipment, and can feature taller than average ceiling heights to accommodate all types of equipment.
CMM rooms can be used for applications in:

Machine Enclosures & Test Rooms
Machine enclosures provide environmental control from noise, temperature, humidity and particulates. Whether you need a prefabricated cleanroom for an injection molding machine or simply want to reduce noise pollution caused by machinery in your facility, we have a solution.
Our modular wall systems are available in a number of panel finishes including vinyl, painted steel, aluminum, PVC, or in an FRP finish that protects against damage and scratches from pallet jacks and other moving equipment.
Machine enclosures are used for applications like:
  • Protecting sensitive equipment from harsh environments
  • Facilitating the movement of large equipment and materials
  • Housing large calibration or processing equipment
  • Production line retooling
  • Automation enclosures

Learn About Our Modular Cleanrooms for Every Industry

Cleanrooms by United designs and manufacture our cleanrooms  to meet our customers’ unique requirements. We understand your project is a delicate process requiring superior cleanroom design, construction and installation to meet all of your specifications.

Improper manufacturing can lead to compromised research and higher product rejection rates. With Cleanrooms by United, you can be certain that you are controlling the environment’s particle count and temperature to meet your stringent requirements.

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