Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Cleanrooms

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Cleanrooms

Pharma Cleanrooms and Biotech Cleanrooms and Dry Rooms provide a sanitary environment that maintain standards and restrictions regarding particle size and number per ISO Cleanroom Class. With increased regulations regarding product purity, companies throughout the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries require cleanrooms for the manufacturing of their products

Whether you are a contract pharmaceutical laboratory or a full-time biotech research organization, Cleanrooms By United can provide the controlled cleanroom environment you need to perform research studies, experiments, analysis, clinical trials, or laboratory testing.

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Pharmaceutical Laboratory Cleanroom Advantages

When it comes to Pharmaceutical and biotechnology cleanroom options, Cleanrooms By United has you covered. We offer state-of-the-art cleanrooms for your next application or project. We can design, manufacture, and install modular pharmaceutical and biotechnology cleanrooms based on your exact specifications. Beneficial features include:

  • Modular construction
  • Quick assembly
  • Advanced options
  • Versatility
  • Maneuverability

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Pharma & Biotech Cleanroom and Dry Room Experts

We know cleanrooms better than anyone. We know that every application is different, and that no one cleanroom solution is right for every need. With that in mind, we offer customized modular cleanroomsdry labs and wet labs that are designed and manufactured to your specific requirements. All our laboratory cleanrooms provide:

  • HEPA filtration
  • Humidity control
  • Temperature control
  • Monitoring systems

Pharmaceutical & Biotech Cleanroom Options

Because no two cleanroom applications are alike, we offer a range of customizable and optional features to give you a laboratory cleanroom that matches your unique requirements. We offer the following custom cleanroom options for your project needs.

Single and double module lighting options are available. All options include fully sealed housings to maintain ceiling integrity and protect against particulate and contaminant infiltration. Frames are designed to allow for bulb/lamp replacement from room side without contaminating clean areas. Fixtures are UL rated and manufactured in accordance with USDA, FDA, and NSF guidelines.
Doors & Entryways
Number and placement of doors can be tailored to your access needs. Single or double entry doors are available, with or without safety viewing windows. Various heights and widths are available. Other door options include manual sliding doors, automatic rollup doors, and more.
Window size, quantity, and placement can be customized to your requirements. Standard windows are 3/16” tempered safety glass; double pane, wire, UV tinted, and polycarbonate windows are also available.
Electrical Options
Factory-installed raceways with pre-wired connections for light switches and 110v outlets can be included in any quantity and location you need. All raceways include UL-listed components conforming to National Electric Codes. Other power options are also available.
Ceiling Grids & Tiles
Numerous standard and specialty grid sizes, finishes, and gaskets are available, as needed. Standard laboratory cleanroom ceiling tiles are 1/2” sheetrock core with vinyl facing on one side and sealed edges. Other core and facing materials are available.
Wall Materials
We offer an array of wall panel options. Cores can be manufactured from expanded polystyrene, isocyanurate, or gypsum. Available finishes include vinyl, high pressure laminates, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), painted steel, and conductive or non-conductive painted aluminum.
Air Showers & Pass-Thru Chambers
To maintain the cleanliness of your laboratory cleanroom when personnel, samples, or equipment must go in and out, we offer fully-sealed air showers with 99.97% absolute filters and pass-thru chambers in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Additional Customizable Features

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