Powder Coating Cleanroom

Powder Coating Cleanroom

Powder Coating Cleanroom

United’s Powder Coating Enclosures offer tall ceiling heights and can also be incorporated with overhead conveyor systems. Thru-wall openings (conveyor) are available in many sizes and can also feature hi-speed roll up doors to ensure proper temperature is not lost.

Many wall panel options are available to meet thermal, chemical, sound, and fire rated requirements. Load bearing roof systems are available to ensure critical floor space is not lost. We offer full turnkey solutions including HVAC systems, flooring and additional options for custom cleanrooms.

Benefits of Modular Cleanrooms

  • Perhaps the greatest benefit of modular cleanrooms is that they can be modified or even relocated with minimal expense and downtime. Many prefabricated modular cleanrooms are almost 100% reusable.
  • In general, modular cleanrooms from are far less expensive than standard sheetrock construction, and can be installed in just a fraction of the time.
  • Many prefabricated cleanrooms are factory-cut, with prewired UL-classified raceways that provide a flush interior surface for electrical outlets and phone/data wiring. These raceways can also be used as service chases to house deionized water, compressed air, or nitrogen lines. Built-in raceways eliminate the mess of cutting and sanding drywall on site, and minimize construction time and facility disruption.
  • Many modular cleanrooms feature an insulated wall system that provides a thermal barrier and improves the efficiency and performance of the cleanroom’s mechanical system. This reduces energy costs and maintains temperature levels far better than non-insulated systems.
  • Depending on the clean room classification level or the function of the cleanroom, entry and exit through anterooms and/or gowning rooms may be required. Many modular cleanrooms can be built with accommodations for these rooms to reduce contamination from external environments. Airlocks, air showers, and pass-through boxes can be integrated so that personnel, products, and materials can be safely brought into and out of the cleanroom space without the risk of contaminant infiltration.


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