cmm enclosure

Insulated Wall Systems Reduce Particulate Contamination

Application: Modular Cleanroom


  • HEPA and ULPA filtration
  • Customizable to size

Details and Scope of Work

A cleanroom or “controlled environment” is any given contained space where provisions are made to reduce airborne particulate contamination and control other environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, and pressure. The key component is the mechanical system and filtration that traps particulates through HEPA or ULPA filters depending on cleanliness requirements.

Cleanrooms are necessary for many industries where small particles can adversely affect the manufacturing or quality of a product. While the enclosures vary in size and complexity they are typically found in industries such as pharmaceutical, semiconductor, biotech, medical device, and life sciences, as well as critical process manufacturing common in optics, aerospace, automotive, and military facilities… Read Full Article PDF Here


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