pre-fabricated modular cleanroom

Modular Cleanroom

Application:   ISO Level 7 (Class 10,000)

Size: 20’ x 20’ with 8’ x 10’ Gowning Area

Location: Temecula, California


  • Minimal disruption to active facility
  • Isolate process from dirty warehouse
  • System easily upgraded
  • Walls provide thermal barrier

Details and Scope of Work

We were contacted by our client to help design a system for face shield manufacturing. Due to a high rejection rate from their current process where too many airborne particles were getting into the lens after they left the vacuum oven as they were moved to the curing area.

There were some challenges as the environment needed to maintain stringent temperatures while providing a comfortable work environment for the production staff within the environment.  Careful evaluation of the processing equipment was taken into consideration to ensure proper mechanical elements were provided.

Custom steel framed (powder coated) openings were provided to seal against the oven to ensure no outside elements would enter the environment. A wall mount pass through chamber was also included for inspection so the operator would not have to exit the clean area.

Our 4” insulated wall system was provided with a Class “A” fire rated ½”thick gypsum panel with a vinyl covered finish which provided a thermal barrier and helped reduce noise. UL Listed clear anodized aluminum raceways were included to provide a smooth clean interior surface to house electrical outlets and telephone/data ports.

Once the design was complete and the system was fabricated, Cleanrooms by United sent our factory crew to the jobsite to install the system. The customer was very surprised as to how fast the installation went without disruption manufacturing in the surrounding area. We have since been contracted to build another cleanroom for them and look forward to continually supporting their needs and maintenance of the systems.

See our Modular Cleanrooms section or contact one of our Cleanroom Specialists for further details.

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