Controlled Environment Cleanrooms

Modular environmental test chamber

Controlled Environment Cleanrooms

Environmental Test Chambers

Application: Environmental Test Chamber

Size: 16’ x 43’ x 16’H

Benefits of Modular Cleanrooms for Product Testing

  • Extensive control over environmental parameters
  • Long-lasting and durable

Details and Scope of the Controlled Environment Cleanroom Project

Cleanrooms are controlled environments that allow for many applications. To meet a recent client’s needs, we created a clean room design that mimicked extreme weather conditions with capabilities to withstand temperature and humidity ranges from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to +120 degrees.

These environmental test chambers were built to be durable to handle the internal conditions, with a load bearing roof, large insulated double doors, and dual pane view windows. These cleanrooms are optimal for product testing purposes, allowing you to adjust the internal environment to test various conditions for quality and reliability. They are also useful for other applications in which products need to be manufactured at specific temperatures.

Discover More About Our Clean Room Design and Installation 

Cleanrooms by United is a trusted modular cleanroom manufacturer offering a range of flexible solutions. We design and build our modular cleanroom systems in compliance with ISO 16444-1 to meet regulatory requirements. Visit our Clean Room Design Components page for information on all the functional and optional elements that can be added to customize your Cleanroom.  We will work with you on your Cleanroom Classifcation needs to design and build the right clean room for your industrial application.  We also offer full onsite cleanroom installation services.   See also our biotech cleanrooms. 

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