environment friendly modular cleanroom

Modular Cleanrooms Offer “Green” Benefits

Application: Modular Cleanroom


  • Fitting the space needed
  • Life cycle flexibility
  • Minimum waste and material

High levels of environmental control have long driven design, purchasing, and operational decisions for cleanrooms. Today, there are many sustainability issues when it comes to modular cleanrooms ranging from energy efficiency to materials use to long-term adaptability. These issues are also beginning to influence the conversation between those who operate controlled environments and those who design, build, and install them. Modular cleanrooms offer some distinct benefits for those trying to create more sustainable environments.

Controlled environments are inherently energy­ and resource­intensive. Achieving high levels Modular Cleanrooms Offer “Green” Benefits of cleanliness typically involves a large amount of infrastructure to ensure proper airflow (amount and direction), filtration, pressurization, temperature, and humidity. Air change rates (how many times per hour all the air in the space is replaced) are typically high (15 to 100 or more, compared with less than 10 for a science lab). Read the full article here!



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