CMM Enclosures

CMM Enclosures

Modular CMM enclosures are used to provide a controlled environment for your coordinate measuring machines. Using your equipment inside a CMM room protects it from environmental factors and allows your machine to provide X, Y, and Z coordinates with increased accuracy.

Cleanrooms by United manufactures high-quality, modular CMM enclosures that protect your machinery, provide soundproofing, control the temperature of the room, and provide protection against fire and damage of your coordinate measuring machine.

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Why Choose CMM Enclosures for a Coordinate Measuring Machine?

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a device used in manufacturing and assembly processes to test a part or assembly against the design intent. By precisely recording the X, Y, and Z coordinates of the target.

These machines are typically quite large and heavy and often cannot fit through standard doorways. Modular CMM rooms from Cleanrooms By United allow for the enclosure to be 95% built before the CMM is put in place. Once the CMM is positioned, the final wall is then installed to complete the CMM enclosure.

Modular CMM Enclosure Advantages

At Cleanrooms By United, we manufacture technologically advanced prefab CMM room facilities that are produced to your exact equipment needs. Our modular CMM enclosure design experts will work with you to create designated CMM Room Facilities that incorporate your company’s unique specifications. Additional benefits include:

  • Sound dampening
  • Fire protection
  • Modular flexibility and versatility
  • Customizable
  • Quality assurance

CMM Enclosures Provide Advanced Protection

The primary purpose of CMM rooms is to protect your coordinate measuring machines, controlling the environment inside the room to keep the machine operating correctly. Our cleanrooms are temperature controlled, providing insulation for cooling and heating. They also prevent contamination, moisture, and other environmental conditions from damaging products or machinery.

Quick & Efficient CMM Room Construction Process

Unlike traditionally built rooms, our modular CMM enclosures are constructed without the mess of drywall dust and the facility disruptions caused by continuous cutting, sawing, and hammering. Most or our CMM rooms are constructed onsite in about 7-10 days, allowing you to keep up your current operations and maintain production with limited downtime.

CMM Room Facilities Provide Convenient Mobility

When the time comes to update your CMM or relocate it to another facility, our modular CMM rooms can be disassembled and reconstructed in the same layout or can be reconfigured or expanded to a larger size. The versatility and extended life of our CMM enclosures provides additional ROI.

Other benefits of a modular CMM enclosure include:

  • Sound dampening to quiet the noise from the machine
  • Fire protection to protect expensive equipment
  • Versatile and flexible with a modular design
  • Demonstrates quality assurance for customers
  • Customizable to meet your needs

High Quality Custom CMM Solutions

Due to the stringent performance of CMMs and the sensitivity of the environments they require, CMM rooms from Cleanrooms By United are built with 4” insulated UL-classified composite panels which function not only as a thermal barrier, but also provide effective sound dampening, as many factories and production areas tend to be noisy.

Tall walls for a highbay cleanroom are a common requirement for CMM rooms, as the “bridge” on large machines can be as high as 16’ and therefore need additional accessibility for maintenance. We’ve provided CMM rooms as tall as 30’ high, complete with temperature and humidity controls, viewing windows, and large roll-up doors for material access.

High wall enclosure for CMM

CMM Enclosure Options

We offer numerous options to customize your CMM enclosure, depending on the environmental level of protection your processes requires. We provide full design assistance to ensure that all temperature and humidity requirements are met and maintained. A dedicated HVAC unit is typically utilized to monitor and maintain temperature and relative humidity, if applicable.

Large Roll Up Doors

Large roll up doors are available, with commercial grade steel roll-ups or high speed vinyl systems. Our high speed vinyl roll up doors are ideal for most applications, as a standard 10’ x 10’ door can be opened and closed in less than 10 seconds, allowing the interior environment to recover back to spec much faster. As these enclosures typically require personnel access, all entry/exit doors are provided with Grade 2 lever locksets and hydraulic closures.

High Quality Wall & Electrical Options

Our standard CMM enclosure walls feature a vinyl-clad finish; walls can be upgraded to high gloss painted aluminum, as needed. All vertical raceways are UL classified and provide a flush interior surface for electrical outlets, CAT5 phone and data wiring, or as a service chase to house DI water, compressed air, or nitrogen.

Request Your CMM Enclosure from the Modular Experts

Learn more about our modular cleanroom systems classifications. Cleanrooms By United delivers the best and most versatile modular CMM enclosures on the market today. We design all our CMM rooms to meet your industry needs, offering custom layouts, square footage, and features depending on your requirements.

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