High Bay Cleanrooms

High Bay Cleanrooms

Most commonly used by aerospace manufacturers, high bay cleanrooms work in essentially the same way as traditional hardwall cleanrooms and softwall cleanrooms, but on a much larger scale. Regardless of their size, high bay cleanrooms are subject to the same stringent cleanliness standards, and are typically outfitted with HEPA or ULPA (Ultra Low Particulate Air) filtrations devices and HVAC systems in both vertical and horizontal configurations.

High Bay Facility Design

Cleanrooms By United (CBU) offers numerous options for high bay cleanrooms. Our skilled critical environments team can develop a custom modular cleanroom that meets your facility cleanliness standards and the needs of your specific application. From Class 100,000 to Class 100 (ISO Level 9 to ISO Level 4), we can build the perfect high bay cleanroom for your unique requirements.

Our high bay cleanrooms provide a contaminant-free environment, allowing for effective control of temperature and/or humidity while protecting against unauthorized access, contamination, or damage from nearby processes. All our high bay cleanrooms meet seismic requirements.

Our factory installation team can set up your modular cleanroom onsite at your facility. They also provide full testing to ensure that your new cleanroom is functioning properly.

High Bay Cleanrooms Features

  • Custom ceiling heights
  • ISO-4 to ISO-9 cleanliness levels
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • HEPA or ULPA filtration
  • Fast, clean installation
  • Non-shedding materials
  • Large roll-up doors and strip curtains

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High Bay Cleanroom Walls, HVAC, Doors, Windows and More Customized to Your Specifications 

Our high bay cleanrooms can be customized to match the needs of your unique application. Choose from a wide range of features—from flooring and ceiling tiles to windows and doors—to create a custom modular cleanroom that provides everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Customizable cleanroom design components and features of our high bay cleanrooms include:

  • Air filtration system
  • Lighting
  • Doors and entry points
  • Windows
  • Wall finish (see below)
  • Ceiling grids/tiles
  • Lighting and electrical
  • HVAC and fire suppression systems
  • Guard rails
  • UV-safe options
  • and more

One truly unique and beneficial customizable feature of our modular cleanrooms is the wall finish. We offer a variety of wall finishes to cater to different needs. For example, our standard vinyl wall finish provides an easy-to-clean, non-shedding surface that is ideal for most cleanrooms up to ISO-7. Our FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) finish is highly chemical resistant for sterile wipe downs. Our smooth, aluminum-clad wall finishes reduce the presence and/or growth of microorganisms.

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Benefits of High Bay Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms By United’s high bay cleanrooms offer substantial cost savings over standard sheetrock construction. They can be installed, modified, and even relocated with minimal expense and downtime. Our prefabricated modular cleanrooms are almost 100% reusable.

Our proprietary 4” insulated wall system provides a thermal barrier that improves the performance and efficiency of the cleanroom’s mechanical system. The insulated walls also help maintain temperature levels which, in turn, reduces energy costs.

Every high bay modular cleanroom we sell is delivered factory-cut, with prewired and UL-classified raceways. These raceways provide a flush interior surface for electrical outlets and phone/data wiring, and can also be used as service chases to house nitrogen, compressed air, or other specialized materials.

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