Machine Enclosures

Machine Enclosures

Airborne particles, humidity and temperature fluctuations can damage sensitive parts, rendering them unusable before they even roll off the line. This leads to high rejection rates and even higher costs. The only way to keep costs low and ensure that parts pass inspection is to produce them in a clean, protective environment. At Cleanrooms by United, we design custom modular enclosures that protect sensitive machinery and parts.

Machine Enclosures Reduce Rejection Rates

Machine enclosures isolate machines, removing them from environmental factors that can lead to high product rejection rates. Many of our customers have significantly reduced reduction rates – and increased profits – by installing machine enclosures in their facilities. Additionally, isolating machines in modular enclosures goes a long way toward reducing cross contamination from dirty machine shops or production areas. No matter your industry, you’ll be able to put your customers’ minds at ease when you show them just how clean your manufacturing processes are.

Features of Machine Enclosures

  • Thermal and Sound Barriers: Our 4” insulated wall system not only provides a thermal barrier for temperature control but also acts as a buffer for sound deadening from noisy equipment running within the facility.
  • Top-notch wall finish: The standard vinyl wall finish we provide is non-shedding and easy to clean while providing a Class “A” fire rating.
  • Steel-framed openings: We can easily add custom steel-framed openings that to allow conveyors and product to pass through. 
  • Doors: Custom machine enclosures can include oversized roll up or double doors to facilitate the movement of large equipment and materials in and out of the enclosure.
  • HVAC systems: We can include centralized HVAC systems to help control temperatures for the machine inside the enclosure.
  • Reusability: Unlike traditional construction, modular enclosures can be taken apart and reused with ease. When the time comes to move to a new facility, simply take your modular enclosure apart, transport it to the new location and put it back together.
  • Tall walls: For especially large pieces of machinery, we can install tall walls (in excess of 30 feet) to properly accommodate them.

View the details for all the custom cleanroom design components and options here.

Prefabricated Machine Enclosures Customized to Your Needs

Cleanrooms by United builds modular machine enclosures according to our customers’ needs. We will design a cleanroom with a custom layout that fits seamlessly into your facility’s footprint. Where space is a concern, we can build mezzanines and add a second level, allowing you to use as much of your square footage as possible.   

Clean Room Value Engineering

At Cleanrooms by United, we’re committed to offering first-rate cleanrooms while keeping value in mind. By using existing walls, for example, we’re able to help our customers keep costs down while constructing extremely sophisticated, high-quality cleanrooms.  Additionally, because we perform quick, onsite installation of your prefabricated machine enclosure, you will experience very minimal disruption to the other work going on at your facility.

Machine Enclosures: A Green Solution

Our machine enclosures are completely prefabricated and can be easily moved and reused. As a result, they are an ideal solution for manufacturers committed to maintaining environmentally-friendly facilities.

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