Two Story Cleanrooms

Two Story Cleanroom

Two Story Cleanrooms

In instances where there are space constraints, a two-story or multi-story cleanroom system could be your best solution. When you can’t expand outward, you can build up to take advantage higher warehouse roof space.  Expandable cleanroom design solutions are available for ground floor clean rooms with additional office or lab space above, or designed with office, lab, or packaging rooms below a cleanroom system on the upper level.

Check out our high bay clean rooms with customizable height options depending on your needs. Cleanrooms By United is your proven source for modular cleanroom design solutions, offering customized options with easy expansion. Contact us to start talking about your project today.

Two Story Modular Offices

Cleanrooms By United can help you discover a solution for additional office space, lab space, or additional storage. With second-story modular offices, you can add to any existing clean room across numerous industries. This is a popular solution for businesses who want the flexibility of a standalone structure with all the benefits and none of the hassle of standard drywall construction or renovation.

Any of the following cleanrooms can include another level of office space above:

ISO 6 cleanrooms  High bay cleanrooms
ISO 7 cleanrooms CMM enclosures 
ISO 8 cleanrooms CNC enclosures 
Hardwall cleanrooms  Machine enclosures 
E-liquid cleanrooms Powder coating enclosures 


Not sure if your cleanroom can incorporate a two story modular office? Give us a call today to discuss a customized solution. 

oversized windows with 3 foot kickExpandable Cleanroom Options 

Your cleanroom design options are endless at Cleanrooms By United. Depending on your industry or application, there are many different design components to choose from, from flooring to wall finish to ceiling options: 

  • Fan Filter Units (FFUs) 
  • Lighting and electrical systems 
  • Windows 
  • Doors and entryways 
  • Materials used 
  • HVAC systems 

Advantages of Expandable Cleanrooms

There are many benefits to installing an expandable modular cleanroom. These indoor structures are designed to stand independently within your warehouse space and to grow with your business. Modular clean rooms can be easily moved, modified, and/or expanded as your business needs change. Add a Two Story Modular Office to the second level.  Cleanrooms By United can work with you to design and install your customized cleanroom with a modular office above. A two story modular system creates additional usable modular spaces for your business.  Our team uses the finest quality materials for every unique application. Learn more about our company’s history and expertise and why you should choose Cleanrooms by United.


Contact Cleanrooms By United for Expandable Cleanroom with Modular Office Options

If you’ve been considering expanding your business, moving locations, or renovating for additional production space, we can help you find a simpler option. Contact us today to discuss your customized cleanroom system. Ready to get started? Request a quote on your multi-story modular clean room system.