Automated Control Systems for Cleanrooms

Sample of an Automated Control System Panel


Automated Control System Panel Example

Styles vary depending on the system options you choose.

Automated Control Systems for Cleanrooms

What are Automated Control Systems or ACS?

A control system is designed to control HEPA or ULPA FFUs (Fan filter Units) from an automated remote console or panel. Automated Control Systems (ACS) feature mounted controllers, CAT 5 cabling, and LED readout. ACS provides both global and individual fan speed on FFU modules.

Motors allow for fan speed adjustment and monitoring, nighttime setback, and controls that provide multiple settings. ACS control settings include the ability for automatic speed reduction of individually selected fans, off-peak energy savings, and an adjustable time clock (to drive the setback controller).

In addition, an ACS delivers precise air-flow control and provides direct energy savings when fan speeds are reduced in off-production times.

Three levels of adjustment are possible:

  1. Individual address
  2. Per Cleanroom zone
  3. Globally (all addresses)

How do Automated Control Systems Work with Cleanrooms?

Automated Control Systems apply to all classes of cleanrooms, and all industries would benefit from ACS to maintain a precisely controlled environment. While Automated Control Systems aren’t considered a standard included feature, they are highly recommended on any system with 20 or more HEPA units. ACS can also be used for both single cleanroom installation or across multiple rooms, zones, or addresses.

Automated Control Systems have multiple options for cleanrooms including:

  • Available in 115v or 277v 115 volt
  • HEPA or ULPA filters
  • NCR or RSR style fan filter units

Benefits of Cleanroom HVAC Control

There are many advantages to installing HVAC Control Systems for your cleanroom. Having an automated HVAC control panel & Fan Filter Units (FFUs) works on your behalf, simplifying your precision airflow settings for one cleanroom or multiple while also reducing costs of installation and maintenance.

Precise Airflow Control

Fan filter units are controlled individually or in groups, typically 1-4 units per address. The number of addresses is almost unlimited.

  • Fan speeds are set and/or adjusted from a console located outside the cleanroom without breaching the integrity of the cleanroom. Adjustments are possible by Individual address, Cleanroom Zone or Globally.
  • Room or equipment layouts with unique airflow requirements are easy to set and control. 

Lower Installation Cost

HVAC Control system installation is quick and easy! Installation cost is lower as a result of simplified balancing and adjusting capabilities along with reducing the time required at start-up.

  • Fewer breaker lines reduce material and electrical contractor costs.
  • Reductions in onsite power distribution wiring lower contractor labor costs.
  • Certification costs are reduced. 

Lower Maintenance Cost

When you install an ACS, the processes of recalibration and balancing of rooms are simplified.

  • Small zone shutdown enables isolated upgrade or maintenance operations to take place without disrupting or affecting the integrity of the cleanroom.
  • Factory-wired junction boxes with integral distribution wiring substantially reduce onsite electrical work.

Soft Start Capability

Our Control Systems have an adjustable soft start capability which offers major cost savings during installation.

  • ACS with adjustable soft start keeps start-up under 0.8 Amps per 277V fan filter unit.
  • Soft Start reduces electrical breaker requirements by as much as 50%.

Trust the Experts & Ensure Seamless Installation of a Cleanroom HVAC Control System

At Cleanrooms By United, we design top-quality custom modular cleanrooms. Contact us for more information regarding solutions for your Automated Control System needs. Give us a call at 800-959-0878 and we will gladly help with any questions you have. Cleanrooms By United is proud to be your trusted source for high-efficiency HVAC control panels and Automated Control Systems.