Modular Cleanrooms Manufacturer

For 40 years, Cleanrooms By United has been a top cleanroom manufacturer offering custom clean room design, build and installation services. 

From custom precision engineering and manufacturing to installation, Cleanrooms By United is equipped to handle all types of modular and prefab clean room projects from start to finish. With ISO classes 5-8 cleanroom manufacturing capabilities, our cleanroom design experts deliver custom built cleanrooms that meet or exceed our client specifications.

Medical Laboratory Cleanroom

ISO Cleanroom Classes

At Cleanrooms By United, we offer premium cleanroom design builds that meet or exceed your ISO requirements. We offer the following ISO cleanroom levels:

To ensure that all our modular clean rooms are built to the highest quality standards, Cleanrooms By United is in direct compliance with ISO 14644-1. Our expert installation services are available nationwide.

Large empty cleanroom with bright overhead lighting, epoxy flooring, and double doors

Cleanroom Solutions

Modular and prefab cleanrooms or enclosures are an easy and economical alternative to permanent construction. 

Our modular solutions can be designed, manufactured, and installed in a fraction of the time—and at a fraction of the cost of building the “traditional” way, causing far less disruption to your day-to-day operations.  

Machine Enclosure cleanroom within a warehouse with large viewing windows

Cleanroom Enclosures

In addition to our fully customized cleanroom options, we also offer several cleanroom enclosure options to improve or supplement your manufacturing space. 

These are a just a few of the cleanroom enclosure options.  Browse our website to see more!

Modular Cleanroom Manufacturer for All Industries

Cleanrooms By United has supplied standard and custom modular cleanroom solutions for world-class OEMs and research institutions throughout the nation.  Our modular cleanrooms are used in many industries including:

Medical | Pharmaceutical | Cosmetic Production | Aerospace | Automotive | Electronics Assembly

Modular Cleanroom Advantages

From pre-hung doors and windows to factory-installed electrical and phone/data wiring, HVAC and filtration systems, and more, our modular clean rooms can be designed and manufactured to include the exacty types of cleanroom components you need for your specific cleanroom application.  Include the cleanroom options you need and nothing you don’t.

A cleanroom, from Cleanrooms By United just might prove to be the best investment you ever make in your business. If you need more space down the road, they’re easy to expand.  If you need to divide your clean room operations into multiple cells, cleanroom systems are easy to reconfigure.  If your company moves to a new location, they’re easy to disassemble and move with you. Permanent construction cannot offer those advantages!

The Best Modular Cleanroom Solutions

No other clean room manufacturer can stack up to Cleanrooms By United. We offer the highest quality solutions, some of the industry’s best turnaround times, and unrivaled customer service.

Contact us today for the cleanroom solution you need.

Cleanroom Flexibility

Multilevel cleanroom interior

Our systems are constructed from components which can be changed in size and design and meet Cleanroom Standards for ISO Class 100,000 (ISO 8) to ISO Class 100 (ISO 5). The pre-fabricated panelized wall systems allow rooms to be modified, expanded or relocated with minimal expense. If the need arises, you can take the room with you with a minimal amount of manpower and onsite facility interruptions. Our modular cleanrooms are almost completely reusable which make them a sustainable choice. Prefabrication of wall panels, windows and doors means construction times are a fraction of conventional methods, substantially reducing mess and disruption. 

Customer Commitment

Handshake across a table with paperwork

We believe the key to our success has been our ability and willingness to adapt to new industry trends. We have responded to our customers by introducing custom solutions to address these developing trends in the modular and prefabricated construction industry.  View some of our Case Studies pages for examples of our commitment to working with our clients to provide cleanroom solutions according to their unique needs. Our experience and commitment to our customers’ cleanroom needs spans across many industries including Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Cosmetics, Electronics, Environmental, Bio-Pharmaceutical, Powder Coating and more.

Cost Effectiveness

Hand using pen to point to graph image

Modular cleanrooms by their nature are less expensive than standard sheet rock construction and can be installed in a fraction of the time of a conventional project, resulting in a typical price advantage of 25-30%. The cleanroom system may qualify for the accelerated depreciation of 7 years vs. 39 years for conventionally constructed facilities. Consult your accountant for qualifications.  One of the other benefits of utilizing modular cleanrooms is improving energy efficiency and sustainability. Choose an environmentally friendly building option without sacrificing quality or function. Modular cleanrooms are a sustainable choice with an eye toward the future and the environment.

Design Engineering

Hand with pencil and ruler drawing a design

Whether you already have a preliminary drawing or need complete design services, we can provide you with a cost effective system that meets your requirements. Our modular cleanrooms are factory engineered and designed to meet all your specifications for temperature, humidity, differential pressure, lighting and noise levels. Your clean room design can tailored to your specifications for types of doors, windows, wall panels, flooring and much more.  Our modular cleanrooms can also be engineered to accommodate roof loads for storage of products or heavy equipment.