Clean Room Case Studies

Clean Room Case Studies

Prefabricated cleanrooms from Cleanrooms by United are perfect for any of your unique applications. We design high-quality modular cleanrooms to match your budget, space, and time restrictions, all with fast and effective installation. Here are few brief cleanroom case studies showcasing our commitment to working with our customers’ unique clean room requirements and existing facilities.

Medical Device Assembly Clean Room Design

Medical Device Cleanrooms


Our modular design and expert installation crew ensure that your modular cleanroom and its materials are properly set up while minimally disrupting the work area. We worked with a customer to assure that all local city codes were met with minimal modifications to the existing building. We manufactured a prefab clean room that utilized our customer’s existing HVAC system and its own zone control.



Temperature Controlled Clean Rooms

pre-fabricated modular cleanroom


Our customer needed a controlled environment cleanroom to maintain stringent temperatures while simultaneously providing a comfortable work environment for production staff. Cleanrooms by United were able to produce a modular cleanroom to meet their controlled environment requirements, as well as offer fast installation and no disruption to the surrounding work area.




Biopharmaceutical Modular Cleanroom

Biopharmaceutical Modular Cleanroom


Our client needed an ISO 6 cleanroom system for a core component of their biopharmaceutical operation. Not only were did we design two cleanrooms that met their needs, but we provided additional support by designing ISO 8 hallways and a drop in a cleanroom grade ceiling in the R & D areas, labs, and shipping areas. Cleanrooms by United strives to meet all of our customer’s specific clean room design needs.




Volcano Probe Developed in Controlled Environment Cleanroom

Volcano probe


We worked with Jet Propulsion Laboratory to manufacture a cleanroom for a team of scientists designing a robot to explore the innerworkings of volcanoes. Our product gave the team a sanitary space to produce high precision parts, eventually leading them to a grant award of $50,000. No matter what your unique application needs are, we have the modular clean room for you.





Environmental Test Chamber

modular environmental test chamber


Our expert team works with you to create the cleanroom that has all of the capabilities you need. We provided a custom clean room design for an environmental test chamber that featured a system designed to mimic weather conditions with capabilities to withstand a wide range of temperatures and humidity. 




Insulated Clean Room Wall Systems Reduce Particulate Contamination

CMM Aerospace Cleanroom





Our cleanrooms provide a controlled environment that reduces airborne particulate contamination and control over environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, and pressure using HEPA or ULPA filters. These cleanrooms are great for a wide range of industries such as: pharmaceutical, semiconductor, biotech, medical device, and life sciences.






Medical Device Modular Cleanroom

medical device cleanroom


Our modular cleanrooms make great controlled environments for medical purposes. For a client, Cleanrooms by United created a separate entry to prevent cross-contamination in each environment, as well as wall-mounted material pass-thru chambers with interlock. We work with our customers to create a clean room design that maintains federal standards and ensures sanitary and safe work stations.




Modular Cleanrooms Offer “Green” Benefits

environment friendly modular cleanroom


Controlled environments can raise concerns about sustainability, particularly because of the intense energy requirements, but modular clean rooms from Cleanrooms by United offer distinct benefits for those trying to remain environmentally conscious. The compact structure of each clean room design means less waste and less overbuilding, as well as the possibility to reuse the cleanroom for another purpose.




Modular CMM Enclosure for Aerospace Industry

CMM Aerospace Cleanroom




Cleanrooms serve many industrial purposes, including aerospace needs. We can design cleanrooms with stringent temperature and humidity control, as well as tempered glass windows for viewing operations. Modular CMM enclosures offer the flexibility and control needed to meet the challenging needs of the aerospace industry.








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Cleanrooms by United is a trusted modular cleanroom manufacturer offering a wide range of flexible clean room solutions. We design and build our modular cleanroom systems in compliance with ISO 16444-1 to meet regulatory requirements.  Visit our Cleanroom Design Components page for information on all the functional and optional elements that can be added to customize your Cleanroom.  We will work with you on your cleanroom classifcation needs to design and build the right clean room for your industrial application.  We also offer full onsite cleanroom installation services. 

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