Medical Device Cleanroom

Catheter Assembly Cleanroom with air drops, electrical and recessed sprinkler system

Medical Device Cleanroom

Application: ISO Level 7

Size: 37’ x 92’ with 10’ x 21’ Gowning Area and 10’ x 10’ Material Transfer Room

Location: Carlsbad, California

Cleanroom Benefits for Medical Device Assembly 

  • Minimal disruption and modification to existing work area
  • Permitting to meet local code
  • Easily relocated or expanded
  • Easily upgraded ISO levels

Medical Device Production Room Requirements

Our repeat client came to us needing a cleanroom for assembling catheters. We have worked with this client for several years and have provided 3 prior successful projects. With their confidence and our skilled cleanroom specialists this project was fast tracked and provided a painless solution to meet their needs.

They needed us to work with an onsite general contractor and the property owner to meet local city codes. They also needed us to provide a custom 10’ x 10’ removable panel section to get equipment in/out of the space, as well as utilize existing HVAC systems.

Our Clean Room Solution, Design and Installation

The cleanroom features a 10’H ceiling to accommodate equipment with ceiling mounted power and compressed air drops for individual work stations. With the flexibility of our modular system the customer can enjoy a simple upgrade benefit to ISO level 7 or ISO level 6 in the future which is a great benefit to their ever-changing needs! Fire sprinklers were dropped into the new cleanroom with flush heads to ensure a positive seal and meet NFPA and local city codes.

While they were in architectural design we provided drawings to complete their package to submit to the city. Providing knock down palletized materials made it fast and painless for our installers to bring materials to the space and get right to building the new cleanroom system.

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Cleanrooms by United has been a trusted modular cleanroom manufacturer for over 40 years offering a range of flexible solutions. We design and build our modular cleanroom systems in compliance with ISO 16444-1 to meet regulatory requirements. Visit our Clean Room Design Components page for information on all the functional and optional elements that can be added to customize your Cleanroom.  We will work with you on your Cleanroom Classifcation needs to design and build the right clean room for your industrial application.  We also offer full onsite cleanroom installation services. 

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