Printer Enclosure

Corner of large warehouse with printing supplies stacked up

Before the Installation

clean room printer enclosure and break room in corner of a large warehouse

After the Installation

Printer Enclosure

With Attached Modular Breakroom

Application: ISO 8 Printer Enclosure with attached Modular Break Room

Size: 25’ x 40’ Printer Enclosure with 25’ x 30’ Break Room

Location: Riverside, California

Printer Enclosure System Benefits

  • Positive pressure over critical printing machine
  • Permitting to meet local code
  • Easily relocated or expanded
  • Easily upgraded ISO levels

Printing Cleanroom Client Requirements

This client came to us unsure of what exactly type of printing cleanroom they needed for their new automated printing machine, but they had a rough size in mind and also a desire to attach a new break room.

Our Printing Cleanroom and Breakroom Solution

We worked with the client and printer manufacturer to determine what was needed to meet their printer room requirements, and came up with a design at 25’ deep that we would clearspan over the printer (no internal supports due to the size of the machine).

As our client is in a leased building, we provided a full design build engineering package and obtained city permits, meeting all local building code requirements. Once the ISO 8 Clean Room design was completed, we worked in a new attached modular breakroom to provide a comfort cooled area for their 20 employees to relax in - complete with prep for a sink, cabinets, a refrigerator and flat panel TVs.  

Printer Enclosure and Breakroom Installed and Complete Just 3 Weeks After Shipment

The client made quick work of clearing the area for our materials to be received onsite.  Providing knock down palletized materials made it fast and painless for our installers to bring materials to the space and get right to building the new system.  The "after" pictures shows the new printer enclosure and breakroom in use just 3 weeks after shipping.  With the flexibility of our modular system the customer can easily relocate or expand with their everchanging industry needs.

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