Cleanroom Sustainability

eco-friendly modular cleanroom

Cleanroom Sustainability

Modular cleanrooms are a cost-effective solution to maximizing available space. One of the many benefits of utilizing modular cleanrooms is improving energy efficiency and sustainability. Choose an environmentally friendly building option without sacrificing quality or function.

Cleanrooms are lightweight, cost less to transport, and use fewer materials compared to permanent structures, reducing their overall energy usage. They also make it possible to adapt an existing facility to accommodate cleanrooms, preventing you from overbuilding and avoiding unnecessary waste.

What makes modular cleanrooms environmentally conscious?

There are many sustainability benefits when it comes to modern modular cleanrooms ranging from energy efficiency to materials use to long-term adaptability. Controlled environments are inherently energy­ and resource ­intensive, but our modular cleanrooms offer some distinct benefits for those who want to create a more eco-friendly environment.

Modular clean rooms are more sustainable to build and operate when compared to other intensive construction types. They are lightweight as opposed to permanent structures, utilizing less material and more recycled content.

Cleanroom Energy Efficiency is Important

Modular cleanrooms can be custom-built and offer numerous sustainability benefits. It is more environmentally conscious to renovate existing buildings than to proceed with new builds and construction.

Avoid worrying about waste management, as most fabrication occurs at our factory with more recyclable building materials, such as aluminum framing. Controlling the air quality of a large factory or warehouse leads to significant energy costs while modular cleanrooms offers a contained and controlled environment, offering flexibility and cost savings.  Modular cleanrooms can grow with your company as needs change and increase, helping to avoid overbuilding and wasting money and resources.

Environmentally Friendly Cleanroom Design Benefits:

  • Adaptable To Any Building or Area
  • Life Cycle Flexibility
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Minimum Materials and Waste

What are my Sustainable Cleanroom Products Options?

Our modular cleanrooms are entirely customizable at any size and for any application. From the basics: doors, walls, and windows to additional elements: air showers, fire suppression systems, and pressure gauges, we have a wide range of eco-friendly cleanroom design options for your application.

One specific sustainable design option is an Automated Control System (ACS). The ACS controls HVAC settings, allowing for precise airflow control, lower installation and maintenance costs, and improved energy efficiency.

We offer technologically advanced ISO 14644-1 compliant cleanrooms in different classifications: Class 9 to Class 5. At Cleanrooms By United, we have green cleanroom designs for any classification your industry requires.

What Industries Use Energy Efficient Modular Cleanrooms?

Many industries look to modular cleanrooms as a prefabricated, environmentally friendly design solution. From aerospace and military applications to pharmaceutical and medical device applications, modular cleanrooms are a cost-effective alternative while remaining environmentally responsible due to their flexibility, long life cycles, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

Industries Utilizing Green Cleanrooms:

Discover Our Energy Efficient Modular Clean Room Design Options

Cleanrooms By United is a trusted modular cleanroom manufacturer offering a range of flexible solutions backed by 40 years of cleanroom design experience. We design, build, and install our modular cleanroom systems to provide you with environmental benefits while meeting ISO 16444-1 regulatory requirements.

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