Cleanroom Contamination Reduction

Cleanroom Contamination Reduction

For many industries, small particles can negatively impact product quality during the manufacturing process. This is where cleanrooms come in. When industrial applications require a tightly controlled environment to perform operations, cleanrooms with insulated wall systems help reduce unwanted contaminants.

Clean rooms use a mechanical system and airflow filtration to prevent particulate contamination. Custom-designed modular cleanrooms vary in size and complexity while offering extensive control over temperature, humidity, and pressure.

What are the Benefits of Using Modular Cleanrooms for Contamination Control?

  • Contamination Prevention HEPA or ULPA Filtration System
  • Customizable to Size
  • Environmental Parameters Control
  • Outside Noise Reduction

What Industries Use Clean Rooms for Particulate Contamination Reduction?

Cleanrooms are commonly used in various industries, including pharmaceutical, semiconductor, biotech, medical device, and life sciences. Contamination control is essential for critical process manufacturing, so clean rooms are also utilized in optics, aerospace, automotive, and military facilities as well.

Cleanroom Design Components to Reduce Contamination

Cleanroom construction can provide the best protection against contamination. HEPA air filtration systems and insulated walls are just two design component options to block contaminants.

Airflow also provides a crucial role in maintaining a contamination-free modular cleanroom. The two main types of cleanroom HVAC systems are single pass and recirculating cleanrooms. Choosing which airflow system depends on whether your application requires strict temperature and humidity control.

Air is filtered into the cleanroom with single pass airflow systems and then pushed out. With a recirculating airflow design, air is continuously filtered and conditioned through the system to maintain a controlled environment with steady temperature and humidity levels.

What are my Cleanroom Design Options for Contamination Reduction?

  • HEPA Fan Filter Units
  • Automated Control Systems
  • Insulated Wall Systems
  • Pass Thru Chambers
  • And More

Learn more about all the different clean room contamination reduction and design components above here  at cleanroom design components.

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