Aerospace High Bay Cleanroom

Aerospace High Bay Cleanroom Roll Up Door



Aerospace High Bay Cleanroom Interior

Aerospace High Bay Cleanroom

Application: High Bay Cleanroom | ISO Level 7 

Industry:  Aerospace and Aviation Industry

Size: 48’ x 58’ with external 12’ x 12’ (ISO – 8) Gowning Area

Location: Mojave, California

Aerospace Cleanroom Requirements

    • 20’ high ceiling for large spacecraft assembly (high bay cleanroom)
    • Permitting to meet local code
    • Non-shedding materials
    • 16’W x 18’H Roll up door for large aerospace construction parts and equipment
    • Precision temperature and humidity control
    • Fire suppression system to meet NFPA code
    • Cleanroom filtration to meet ISO 14644-1 guidelines.
Aerospace Cleanrooms

Aerospace Construction Project Details

Another great repeat client came to us for a High Bay Cleanroom for spacecraft assembly. A 20’ high ceiling was required in a new warehouse with minimal clearance at just 24’. Our expert team came together to provide a solution to not only meet but exceed their needs.

Cleanroom Design & Engineering Phase

We worked with their facilities team and engineers to determine all parameters of the project to ensure a successful build. With many stringent NASA guidelines, this project came with several challenges. We were able to accommodate by providing a dedicated DOAS mechanical system to meet their temperature and humidity requirements with automated touchscreen controls.

Cleanroom Filtration with Automated Control System

We also provided our ACS (automated control system) so they could easily monitor the HEPA units and adjust accordingly to ensure proper fan speeds to meet ISO 14644-1 guidelines.

Fire Suppression Systems to NFPA and City Code

Fire sprinklers were dropped into the new cleanroom with flush heads to ensure a positive seal and meet NFPA and local city codes.

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