Cleanroom Components

Fan Filter Units

Fan Powered Module                           

Fan Powered Module


Ducted Module                           

Ducted Module


Fan Filter Units include a 99.99% efficient HEPA filter, 30% ASHRAE pleated type pre-filter, seismic clip suspension points, safety switch which disables the unit while servicing, and solid state variable speed control with RFI suppression, allowing the airflow to be fine tuned. Housings are fabricated from steel with a white powder coat finish and include seismic clip suspension points. The energy efficient N310 motor blower is a low watt backward curved impeller, single phase, permanent split capacitor type motor blower assembly with thermal overload protection. Units are available in 115 Volt (60 Hz), 208-230 Volt (50/60 Hz) and 277 Volt (60 Hz). Final filters are protected with a white epoxy diamond pattern grille and are tested according to accepted procedures as described by the Institute of Environmental Sciences (IEST) and/or ISO standards. The standard HEPA filter is 99.99% eff. and an ULPA grade 99.9995% eff. filter is available as an option.

Cleanroom Lighting Options

Modular ceiling lighting                            


2 x 4 Module

Modular ceiling lighting                            


1 x 4 Module (surface mount)

Totally sealed housings maintain ceiling integrity and protect against infiltration of particles and airborne bacteria. Housings are painted with a white powder-coat finish and spring loaded latches on each side secure the hinged door lens frame in the closed position. The door frame is removable without the use of tools, permitting re-lamping from room side without contaminating the clean areas.
Standard fixtures feature a 120-277 multi-voltage T8 electronic ballast with (4) medium bi-pin lamp receptacles, (lamps not included). The ballast is mounted inside the housing and is removable from room side, maintaining ceiling integrity. Fixtures are UL listed and manufactured in accordance to USDA, FDA, and NSF guidelines. All fixtures have been tested and reported in compliance with Federal Standard 209 and are suitable for Class 100,000 to 100 applications.

Modular Cleanroom Doors and Entryways


Single entry doors are 1-3/4″ thick, 3068 and come with safety viewing window (optional). Doors are field adjustable and leveled to insure proper operation. Double doors (6068) come with the same finishes and features as single doors. Additional sizes include widths of 4′+ and heights from 8-10′+, optional doors and entries include single and double aluminum framed doors with full glass, air-showers, manual sliding doors, motorized and hi-speed automatic roll-up doors.


Cleanroom Windows

Cleanroom Windows

Standard cleanroom windows are 40″ high x 46″ wide, with 3/16″ tempered safety glass. Our window units are manufactured for seamless integration with the wall and ceiling systems.  We also off dual pane window units, wire, tinted glass (UV), and and break-resistant polycarbonate options.


Electrical Options/Raceway

The selection of the best electrical system for your cleanroom can vary depending on your cleanroom requirements.  Our experts can help you select the best electrical methods for your unique cleanroom specifications.  With UL listed components conforming to National Electric Codes, our Raceway system is made up of pre-wired connections for light switches, 110v outlets for lights and fan powered HEPA air filtration units. Other power options are also available.

Ceiling Grid and Blank Tiles

Ceiling Grid Tile

Our standard cleanroom ceilings are 1” & 1.50” grid finished in white painted enamel. Other ceiling grid sizes, specialty finishes and gaskets are available. The ceiling grid is supported by heavy duty hanger wire recommended at least 4’ on center. Standard cleanroom ceiling tiles are ½” sheetrock core with a vinyl covered face on one side with sealed edges. Other styles and materials of construction are available.  We offer press board or honeycomb cores, painted steel, painted aluminum or plastic laminate.

Wall Material Options

Cleanroom wall panels are available with various surface finishes including: vinyl, high pressure laminates, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), painted steel, or painted aluminum (conductive or non-conductive). The cleanroom wall panel cores are expanded polystyrene, isocyanurate or gypsum depending on the cleanroom requirements.  For clients needing a tightly controlled environment to perform their operations, we design cleanrooms with insulated wall systems that help reduce unwanted particulate from entering for maximum contamination control. 

Cleanroom Air Showers


All cleanroom air showers have a plastic laminate finish and all surfaces are sealed.  They come equipped with commercial duty aluminum doors with 1/4″ tempered glass, 99.97% absolute filters, and 30% pre-filters.  A micro processor control system with 5 HP direct-drive (except on SD4848) that is factory pre-wired & tested.  All have a disconnect / motor starter / with short circuit and overload protection and emergency panic switch.


Custom Oversized Pass Thru

cleanroom pass thru chamber 300x225

Also referred to as pass-through chambers, pass-thru boxes,  pass-through windows, or pass through cabinets, we offer a wide array of pass thru chambers. When you need to transfer parts and equipment into and out of a cleanroom, a pass thru unit is the answer.  From small wall mount units to large floor mounted units, they are available in just about any finish from plastic laminate to electro-polished stainless steel and are available with mechanical and automated interlock mechanisms.    Custom Wall mount Style (size shown 48”W x 36”H x 20”D)

Floor Mounted Pass Thru

• Allows contamination-free transfer of materials in and out of the cleanroom
• Ideal for general use applications for particulate control, with no specific sterilizing protocol.
• Doors feature closed cell neoprene gaskets to help maintain pressure differentials between rooms to prevent cross contamination.
• Design uses non-shedding materials.
• Mechanical interlock allows only one door at a time providing automatic protection against cross-contamination
• Reduces traffic in the cleanroom and eliminates excessive garbing
• Stainless steel-framed doors, latches and hinges eliminate corrosion and extend service life
• Material options include HP Laminate, 304 Stainless steel, SD PVC, Polypropylene

Floor Mount Style (size shown: 36”W x 48”H x 48”D)

Floor Mounted Pass Thru Exterior Finish


All Pass Thrus are available in standard or custom sizes

Floor Mount Style (size shown: 36”W x 48”H x 48”D)

Standard 2×2 Pass Thru


Most Common size 2’W x 2’H x 2’D Wall Mount Style

HVAC Systems

Cleanrooms by United has proved itself as the industry leader in fabricating the proper heating, cooling, and ventilation systems to keep our cleanroom systems operating up to today’s stringent standards. We can develop a custom, compliant system to ensure proper design criteria is achieved. This is accomplished by allowing appropriate pressure cascades of the clean area at a precise temperature and humidity per your requirements.

Fire Suppression

Fire suppression systems protect your investment from unforeseen accidents in the workplace. Our systems meet or exceed National Fire Protection Association code requirements. We offer a wide selection of finished sprinkler head designs from semi-recessed heads to custom concealed (pop off) applications to fit needs.

Guard Rail

Modular guard rail

Protect your investment with United’s Guard Rail System. Constructed from heavy-duty steel rails and mounted to universal structural steel columns, our guardrails are made to absorb the impact exerted by forklifts or other mobile equipment. Available in single rail and double rail systems.

Magnehelic Pressure Gauge

Magnehelic Pressure Gauge 300x235

United offers both mechanical and digital pressure gauges to ensure proper air requirements are achieved. This information can also be sent to a BAS system and can be monitored via computer for larger facilities with multiple cleanrooms.

Ultraviolet Safe Windows and Lighting

Ultra Violet Safe Windows and Lighting

A UV protective foil application can be added to windows and lighting to keep your cleanroom UV safe.

Epoxy Flooring and Walls

Epoxy Flooring

United provides epoxy painting of existing cleanroom walls and floors to ensure your environment is properly sealed and easy to clean.

High Speed Roll Up Doors

High-speed cleanroom grade roll up doors allow access to the controlled environment while limiting the possibility of outside contamination as room recovery rates are much better than conventional commercial grade steel roll up doors. There are many sizes and colors to choose from. Talk to one of our controlled environment specialists to learn more.

Raised Access Flooring

Raised access flooring can be used in many applications and can hide services such as electrical, water and and many others. This flooring is available in solid or perforated and can also be used as a return air chase for more stringent applications.

Compressed Air (Quick Disconnect) Fittings

United’s Raceway provides a hollow channel with a removable cover that can be used as a service chase for various applications. The image to the left is a quick disconnect used for compressed air.

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